Why 2Fellas?

Why 2Fellas?
Simple Operations

2Fellas Moving Company has packaged together its systems and processes to make any franchisee’s job of operating a moving company a whole lot easier.

Needed Services

We provide Local and Nationwide moving services.

We provide a partial packing service to full packing services.

We have warehouse space that we offer full service storage facilities.

We have house or apartment cleaning services.

We provide loading and unloading services for rental trucks.

We load and unload any rental truck.

2 Fellas can provide many services from the beginning to the end of any customers move.
Brand Recognition

Joining 2Fellas results in the consumer automatically knowing you provide quality moving services. 2Fellas has captured a large portion of the market share in the South to Midwest region. Be a part of an expanding brand who delivers top of the line service and doesn’t cut corners to get the job done.
Training & Support

We provide training and support to any franchisee from the beginning of their franchise journey and even long after they launch.

2Fellas Moving Company is offering you the opportunity to become an independent business owner. We provide our franchisees a comprehensive step by step training process with the necessary tools and techniques to maximize your success.